Services Logotype petersteeraia@stny.rr.com  With commercial projects the building code requires that the architect be involved throughout the entire process – from design to completion. So in addition to conceptual design and the preparation of construction documents the architect will also provide assistance with bidding, permitting and construction to ensure overall compliance with the approved design. For residential projects clients will sometimes curtail the architect’s services to include only the conceptual design and construction documentation portion in an attempt to minimize the fees. However, they should then be aware that all field changes are required by code to first be approved by the architect before being put into effect. We strongly recommend that the same architectural services are applied to residential work as for commercial and that the architect should be retained throughout construction. The best results are always achieved this way. Supplementary services may include: project feasibility, design programming, commercial site design, architectural illustrations, estimating and comprehensive building specifications. We are also available to assist with site selection. When required by the nature of the project we can call on the services of experienced and highly qualified consultants to provide soils testing or detailed mechanical or electrical engineering. Made with Xara